Jeffrey Patterson was born in West Covina, California. His family moved to Medford, Oregon in 1964. At the age of 12, Jeffrey developed an interest in ceramics. In 1976, Jeffrey participated in a one-year apprenticeship at Casa Del Sol Pottery in Ashland, Oregon. Following that year, he opened his own production studio in Medford. In 1990 he joined the Graduate Program at the University of Oregon. During that year his work developed beyond the limited scope of the facility. In 1991 Patterson opened a new studio in Seattle, Washington. January of 1993, Jeffrey and his wife Linda moved to Vernonia, Oregon, where they now reside after the completion of their new home and studio complex. The focus of Jeffrey’s work is sculptural vessels responding to influences found in nature. Since 1988 Jeffrey’s work has been displayed in a number of galleries and shows including the annual Invitational Vase Show at Opus-5 in Eugene, Oregon and the Interiors by Invitation show at the Japanese Garden Pavilion in Portland, Oregon.



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